restless hedgehog eats all your
macaroni and calls you a friend

21 yrs (apr. 05)
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into biology, indoor gardening, game mechanics, speedrunning, idle chatter, my faves, my friends, sonic storybook series, my friends' ocs, writing..
more about me here!

‣ splatoon
‣ pokemon
‣ fire emblem
〈 8, 13 〉
‣ ace attorney
〈 playing dd 〉
‣ utatemitta
〈 kancell, a.t.r. 〉

if you don't know what this page means, carry on! don't mind it

that's all i've got! sonic doubles can follow, source mutuals are welcome. leave queries here.

open twitter .idwsonic
locked .windmillisle
vent app .spindash
mastodon .hedgehog

you should ask for my switch fc to get acquainted with me, OR you could @ me (on sonic memes). that's fine too

life is a clown galore, please spare me if you're one (i'm selective on mutuals).

if i ever bring up anything that you'd rather not talk about, let me know and i'll step back. i like making conversation, and it's all in good fun until it makes someone else uncomfortable but that's hard to read through text alone.

if you ask my friends about me they won't just roast me. they'll launch me directly into the sun

this page exists because writing only a little about myself is a fool's errand